Viewing your Search History

Each time that you search for library items, Information Portal keeps a temporary record of all the searches that you perform. This Search History lists each search term that you entered and the search type (for example, Basic, Advanced, or Power). You can repeat any search in the history or edit the search. You can clear the entire Search History when the search terms are no longer useful.

To view your Search History

  1. Click the Search tab.

  2. Click the History link below the Search tab.

If you have not performed any recent searches, the Search History page displays a message that there are no search history items.

  1. If you want to repeat a search, click the shortcut for the search.

  2. If you want to edit a search before you repeat it, click the Edit link next to the shortcut for the search. Edit the search criteria as desired, and then click Go.

Note:  After you search using a search shortcut that has been edited, Information Portal saves the edited search as a new shortcut.

  1. If you want to clear the search history, click Clear History.

Information Portal clears your Search History and erases all previous search shortcuts.