Limiting your search results

If you have too many titles in your search results after doing a Basic, Advanced, or Power search, you can shorten the list by applying limits. Limits let you exclude or include only certain items in your search results. You can choose from any pre-defined limits (such as video, CD, publication date, or author), or define your own limits to display your results.

Tip:  You can choose limiting options before Information Portal displays search results when you do an Advanced or Power search.


Note:  Information Portal does not limit search results for Z39.50 broadcast searches.

To limit your search results

  1. Search for a library item.

Information Portal displays your search results.

  1. If you want to use a pre-defined limit, choose a limiting option from the Limit by list.

Selected limits appear below the Search Results heading, after the "Limited by" text. Each applied limit appears here, in a comma-separated list.

  1. To remove an unwanted limit, click the X that appears after the limit.

  1. Any limits you apply or remove automatically cause the page to reload.

Information Portal returns a list of search results based on the limit or limits you chose.