E-mailing a list

My List is a feature that lets you create a temporary list of items from your search results. If you have set up a user account, you can save your list. After you create or save a list of items, you can use e-mail to send the list to a specific e-mail address.

To e-mail a list

  1. View the current My List or the saved list you want to e-mail.

  2. Click the Email this List link at the bottom of the list.

Information Portal displays the Email My List page.

  1. Mark the format in which you would like the list to appear.

  2. Enter the subject of the e-mail message in the Subject field.

  3. Enter the e-mail address to where you want to send the list in the Email to field.

  4. Click Send.

Information Portal sends a copy of the list to the e-mail address you specified.